About Zzish

Who are we?

We are Zzish. We share a passion for building a world in which every teacher uses apps in the classroom to transform learning for students everywhere. Our goal is to bridge the gap between technology and the classroom.

Our groundbreaking Zzish platform allows teachers to use many apps in the classroom and collate all the results into one simple dashboard. Our Quizalize application turns dull assessments into fun classroom games that students love. Indeed, our award-winning products are used by millions students and teachers around the world.

Why Zzish? Why now?

You’ll be joining Zzish at a pivotal point in our growth. We have the best and most interesting apps in Edtech looking to integrate with our dashboards, huge global publishers (and a lot of talented teachers) providing our content, teachers, and clients in 120 countries and, most importantly, a constantly evolving product roadmap which we believe will change the future of education forever.

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